Ep 21: Another Broken Arm

We talk about why Sarah is the worst parent this week, and we interview the delightful Ashleigh Evans about life with 4 kids.

In addition to being a mom and blogger, Ashleigh is a champion bargain shoppers, so she has great tips about how to feed a lot of people on a budget.

Check Ashleigh out on her blog Dash of Evans, on BabyCenterhere’s an awesome freezer meals post–on Facebook Live (talking about my new favorite place ALDI), on Instagram, and on Snap Chat sharing food tips as CheapAsh.

ProTip:  Take a family picture BEFORE your kids breaks his arm.  Just saying.

Ep 21: Whine Club

We talk about drinking less, complain about doing all of the things, and review some tips about what NOT to do at the doctor.

We read Sarah Hosseini’s excellent piece for Ravishly “Why I’m Done Making Mommy Wine Jokes,” and were immediately struck by her takedown of mommy wine culture.  We posted the article on Facebook, and our friends had brilliant insights– things about the rhetoric of drinking being more destructive than the drinking itself, about wine being the kind of “self-care” decoy that at least you can do in front of your kids, etc.  We realized that we drink a lot and probably shouldn’t, and we’d love to hear what you have to say about parenting and alcohol consumption.  Email us at potypodcast@gmail.com.

We also discuss these things you should NOT do at the pediatrician, review some good books, and complain about how hard it is to be us.  BECAUSE WE HAVE TOO MANY CHILDREN.

Ep 20: The Mornings Might Kill Us

Back to school mornings! Are the pits! We give you some tips for making them not lethal.

Here we are at our very POTY-iest in 2011 when Harry started kindergarten and I was upstagingly pregnant with Cooper, and we forgot to take a back-to-school picture with Jack until he reminded us.  At school.