Meet the Parents of the Year

POTY: Where We Make Fun of Parents Like Us

POTY is a place to make fun of parents like us, parents of the year that is.  We are Ben and Sarah, college sweethearts turned academics who are raising 4 kids and living to tell the tale.  Every week, we'll interview parents and children from all walks of life as we figure out how to survive tantrums, tamp down sibling rivalry, and deal with tweenage angst without getting too stabby.

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You can also read more about our life at our old school web log from back in the day. Harry Times...All Jacked Up.  We update it a few times a week.  And by we, we mean Sarah because patriarchy.

Meet Us

Sarah the lady parent.  Ben is the not lady parent.  We met in high school at speech camp.  Yeah, you read that right.  Think band camp with no clarinets.  After college and grad school and more grad school, we had a baby.  Then another.  And another.  And one more after that.  Now we've got lots of jobs and lots of kids and lots to talk about.