POTY 41: Season 2- Welcome to the Juggle

POTY 41: Season 2- Welcome to the Juggle by Ben and Sarah Jedd

Welcome to SEASON 2!


In the News:

We have some Season 2 resolutions.  Sarah promises better show notes.  Ben doesn’t make resolutions because you are not the boss of him.

Sarah is going to get dressed all summer.


Welcome to the Juggle:

Oh my goodness.


Parent Hacks:

Get ahead of the constant snack request by anticipating their needs and making everything self-serve

Go ahead and schedule the heck out of your summer because we are all better parents in public.

Give the kids an allowance to help tame an unruly budget category.  We did this with pool snacks, and it’s been a totally hilarious social experiment.


Parenting on the Internet

We talked about Sarah Rich’s perfect essay in The Atlantic titled “Today’s Masculinity Is Stifling.”

We were also inspired to talk about our childhood summers after reading the Scary Mommy post “7 Ways Summers Today Are Different Than Summers in the ’80s.”


The Review

Sarah highly recommends the summer read The High Season by Judy Blundell.

Ben thinks we should all be watching Celebrity Family Feud.



POTY this week is whoever put permanent ping-pong and chess tables at Madison parks and stocked them with paddles, balls, and pieces.  GENIUS!

Not POTY is whatever idiot told the kids they could go to a water park for good grades and will probably take them anyway even though their grades were not awesome.


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Ep 36: Today We Analyze the Internet (and other dumb stuff Ben says)

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Join our convo about this Washington Post article about millennials killing Costco, this HuffPo piece about sexless marriages, and this Today Show segment on crazy birthdays.

As always, follow Sarah on Instagram, Ben on Twitter and our Harry Times blog.  You can also email us at potypodcast@gmail.com.

Ep 33: New Year’s Resolutions and Habits of Resilient Couples

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Ep 32: Spendy Santa and the Myth of Bootstrap America

We talk about Santa and income inequality, the misery of winter break, and supplemental insurance.

This Scary Mommy article sums up the Santa controversy.

If you want to make fast and delicious cookies for Santa, use this recipe (this icing is good, too, and the almond extracts compliment each other.). We also had shocking success with this gingerbread house recipe, and the dough was so good, we are making some non-gender-specific gingies to go with it.

But, I mean, obviously our gingerbread house LOOKS insane.POTY HOUSE