Ep 11: Harry’s 11th birthday, HPV, Birth Control, and a Birth Stroy

I mean, you guys, the title says it all. Like, literally.

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Ep 10: Staring Down the Barrel of Summer Vacation

In this episode we talk about the impending invasion of the children, as well as how to raise feminist sons and be a less sexist boss. Jack also gives us a talent show update.

We talk about this excellent New York Times article and this piece from Huff Po.

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Ep 9: Sunscreen and Fidget Spinners

We talk about the AAP juice ban and what sunscreen you should rub on your squirmy kids this summer. Plus we talk to 2 actual kids about the ridiculous fidget spinner craze.

Also:  I THINK WE FIXED OUT SOUND PROBLEM– What do you think?

Notes on sunscreen:

You can find the EWG sunscreen guide here.

Here’s the WORST LIST.

Here’s the BEST LIST.

I like this for my body and this for my face. I know it’s fairly toxic, but is smells awesome and goes on sheer with a bit of glitter, and I am really, really, really shallow.   For the kids, we do this head to toe.  It scores  3 which is good enough for me, and it’s about $9 for 6 ounces, which is fairly reasonable, I think.

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Happy swimming!



Ep. 6 Meet the Kids: Harry and Jack

We’ll tell you about the plague that’s struck our house, and you’ll get to hear from Harry and Jack.

Harry has a story about the shoe that got away, and Jack reviews The Magic Treehouse series in general and his current read in particular.

Also Ben shaved, and we are all really proud of him for that.

potypodcast ben shaved

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Ep. 5: School Conferences When Your Kid Has ADHD

We discuss the challenges of parenting a kid or two with ADHD.

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