Ep 18: Vacationing with Eleventy Billion Kids

We tell you more than you maybe even want to know abut our Hilton Head trip, share our road trip tips, and talk about staying sane with 24/7 family time.

If you want to pack up your family and cover them in so much sand they look like human sugared donuts, we recommend:

The Sea Pines Resort:  Seriously, this section of the island is AMAZING and the beach club is completely perfect.

The Frosty Frog:  Pizza!  Takeout! Daiquiris!  TAKE OUT DAIQUIRIS!

The Salty Dog: An adorable complex on the South Beach marina with several different shops and great souvenirs.  Also, the Wreck of the Salty Dog is a restaurant with excellent feng shui in our experience.

Also!  We listened to The Martian and Ready Player One in the car, and they made our trip fly by.

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