Ep 33: New Year’s Resolutions and Habits of Resilient Couples

We recap the holidays and our gobs of extended family time and talk resolutions and resilience.

You can find my best books of 2017 here and my New Year’s Resolutions here.

We talked about this Huff Po article.

Ep 32: Spendy Santa and the Myth of Bootstrap America

We talk about Santa and income inequality, the misery of winter break, and supplemental insurance.

This Scary Mommy article sums up the Santa controversy.

If you want to make fast and delicious cookies for Santa, use this recipe (this icing is good, too, and the almond extracts compliment each other.). We also had shocking success with this gingerbread house recipe, and the dough was so good, we are making some non-gender-specific gingies to go with it.

But, I mean, obviously our gingerbread house LOOKS insane.POTY HOUSE


Ep 31: Don’t Be a Holiday Jerk

We talk about why the Elf on the Shelf is a downer and why holiday threats are bad parenting. We also continue our gubernatorial primary candidate series with an interview with Jeff Rumbaugh.  Plus!  Blended holidays and a big family– how to handle them.

Ep 30: Gendered Holiday Magic?

In this episode, we share some tips for hosting a holiday, discuss the gender dynamics of making holiday magic happen, and talk to Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Michele Doolan.

We though Gemma Hartley hit it out of the park with her Harper’s Bazaar essay on emotional labor, but we weren’t as sure about her new holiday labor piece or Huff Po.

Also!  Wisconsin gubernatorial primary candidate Michelle Doolan talked to us about being a concerned citizen in the race.

Ep 29: Happy Thanksgiving! At the Kitchen Table with Tony Evers

We talk Thanksgiving prep and the Wisconsin governor’s race with state superintendent of public instruction Tony Evers.

If you want to get involved with Tony Evers’ excellent campaign, check out his website: https://tonyevers.com/

Ep 28: Whine, whine, wihine. Us, not the kids.

We talk about why parents of 4 are the least stressed parents HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Thanksgiving prep, and hockey hockey hockey hockey.

This survey says 4 is a less stressful number than 3. I totally believe it because parents of 3 are still handling their minivan feelings, and once you have 4 or more, you are resigned t all of the indignities.

Ep 27: This One’s a Bummer

We talk about guns and cheap Chrismukkah cards.

Sorry this one is such a bummer, but we talk about mass shootings AGAIN and this amazing article our friend Tanya sent us that basically made us question all of our life choices. (https://www.thecut.com/2016/05/sleep-training-feminism.html) We also talk about getting an awesome deal on holiday cards, so that’s not terrible. (The deal we got is no longer a thing, but these are all pretty okay: https://www.livingsocial.com/occasion/ls-holiday-cards)


On a more positive note, we are happy to report that POTY is getting political.  We are currently interviewing Democratic primary contenders in the Wisconsin governor’s race, and we really want to hear from anyone across the aisle who is running, too.  We are going to talk to the candidates about issues that affect Wisconsin families, and this process has been more fascinating than we imaged it would be.  So stay tuned!